UBIDEX Empowered App Development Company to Optimize their Programmatic Media Buying Efficiently


UBIDEX client is a mobile app development company, offering high-quality security apps for iOS and Android. The main business goal is to promote apps to diverse audiences in 20+ countries and maximize apps' revenue by using programmatic advertising in the company's business strategy.

Company's goals:

● gain total control over the programmatic media buying process● reduce customer acquisition cost (CAC) and drive quality installs● increase ROI and ROAS● get one-stop technology to run programmatic ad campaigns with an advanced analytics dashboard

Company's challenges:

●  lack of analytics (data) to optimize campaigns in real-time and increase conversion rates● opaque ad spend, extra bidding charges● complexity to manage several platforms to fulfill business goals● low ROI● fraudulent/non-converting traffic


Using UBIDEX Programmatic platform, the App development company was able to take media buying completely in-house and gain total control over their programmatic activity through the following key features:


UBIDEX is designed to expand, scale, and create a bridge between industry players. So our client brought supply partners of their choice and we set up direct connections without extra commissions.


UBIDEX provides a granular customizable dashboard with detailed data, which helps our client to understand their campaign performance on a granular basis, analyze the results of campaigns and make changes on the fly.

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UBIDEX affordable pricing is designed solely for the client to pay for tech usage - we don’t charge any ad spend commission, nor setup and integration fees, nor other hidden costs. So, our client has focused on revenue growth rather than platform usage payments.


  • After the platform setup, the UBIDEX team started the platform onboarding process. We provided users with documentation, tutorials, videos, and other kinds of help when using UBIDEX for the first time. It helped to ensure our client can gain all the efficiency of the platform from the first days.

  • By using UBIDEX in-house platform the company gained the ability to set up direct connections with publishers of their choice. As a result, they cut the middleman fees and stopped wasting money on unreasonable bid prices.

  • Connecting trusted fraud prevention partner has almost fully eliminated fraudulent traffic and fake installs. As a result, our client saved 25% of their budget on non-human traffic.

  • Advanced analytics dashboard enabled to make systematic data breakdown to allocate the most converting traffic sources, increase CR, optimize campaigns in real-time, and get quality installs.


ROI increased


Transparency increased


Fraudulent traffic reduced


Middleman costs reduce

Want to increase your ROI and cut the middleman?