UBIDEX Enabled Performance Marketing Agency to Move Programmatic Media Buying In-house Without the Need to Build Technology from Scratch


UBIDEX client is Performance-based agency that helps their clients to acquire users, leads, and installs. The company does media buying in-house for their direct performance campaigns. The main business goals are to get technology that allows buying directly without 3rd party margin, take programmatic activity in one place and reduce operational efforts, get an ability to work with partners of their choice.

Company's goals:

● Increase their profit● Positive ROI for all media buying campaigns● Business safety (campaigns are stored in a safe non-competing platform)● One place analytics about all the campaigns performance● Decrease operational efforts and costs

Company's challenges:

● Opaque and high 3rd party margin● Fear to lose their clients or sensitive data● Inability to connect directly with desirable supply partners, 3rd parties: IVT, DMP● Too many platforms to manage: bad focus, high costs● No single analytics dashboard and limited log-level data access


Using UBIDEX Programmatic platform, the Performance marketing agency was able to take media buying completely in-house without the need to build their own technology and gain total control over their programmatic activity through the following key features:


UBIDEX provides clients with advanced marketing analytics to help make smarter decisions, optimize campaigns in real-time and increase CR. So, our client got actionable insights across their campaigns' performance quickly and easily.


With UBIDEX, our client gained full control over all data starting with raw data collection through to the final successfully optimized campaign. All data is stored in-house on dedicated servers.


Our client created a branded environment by adding its corporate identity to UBIDEX. As an option, UBIDEX clients have the ability to integrate the Company's brand look and feel, so they can start business activity under their own brand.


  • In 3 months, after launching UBIDEX Programmatic Platform, the Performance marketing agency has moved all their media buying activity to one platform instead of using 16 different DSPs.

  • They have established direct relationships with the most performing supply sources and got rid of DSPs traffic volume caps. This helped the company to 45% CPM decrease by cutting middlemen's commissions and utilizing custom bidding algorithms.

  • Saving 45% of their monthly ad spend allowed them to reinvest and buy more traffic volumes. Also, in tight collaboration with supply partners our client has built the whitelist of most performing sources which led to 270% ROI increase.

  • By using UBIDEX in-house platform the company gained total control over all their business activities, got 100% transparency of ad operations, increased the CR level, and reduced operational costs.


Transparency increased


ROI increased


CR increased


CPM decrease

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