Announcing UBIDEX: Programmatic ecosystem as a service

Pragmaspase, the leading full-service AdTech development company, announced the worldwide release of the UBIDEX Programmatic ecosystem as a service.
UBIDEX is a Programmatic Ecosystem as a Service covering the full range of RTB activity. It's a technology mix of Ad Exchange, Supply Side Platform, and Demand Side Platform (In-house Bidder) united in a global system. UBIDEX is a full-featured programmatic advertising platform built especially for Ad Agencies, Ad Networks and Media buying teams allowing them to unite all the business activities inside one platform. The new platform enables users to acquire and monetize the traffic, run and optimize campaigns, and manage all programmatic activities using one single platform.
UBIDEX supports:
- banner, video, native, push, pop ad types - CPM/CPC buying/selling models- mobile, desktop, CTV devices- oRTB, XML, JSON protocol integrations- header bidding- direct campaigns

UBIDEX features advanced targeting and optimization options, granular real-time reporting, and intuitive interface. The new platform provides white-labeling option that allows users to integrate their brand’s look and feel, so they can immediately start your business activity under their own brand. 
UBIDEX gives a dedicated safe environment, fair and transparent pricing, simple and fast onboarding process. And UBIDEX charges no Setup and tech integration fees.
Our experienced team designed UBIDEX to help our clients build their own programmatic universe in one place. UBIDEX platform is one of a kind platform in the market because it is not only powered by brand new technologies. We are constantly evolving UBIDEX Programmatic Ecosystem in collaboration with the most successful market influencers. 
Contact our team to go on intro demo and have a closer look at UBIDEX