Programmatic Platformas a Service 

Multipurpose platform for in-house programmatic advertising

Traffic arbitrage

Acquire traffic and monetize it easier, faster & more profitable using UBIDEX. Gain total control over all traffic flows, enjoy fully transparent algorithms of traffic regulation, and easily connect all the desirable partners to the platform.

Media buying

Reach your target audience, optimize your campaigns & get the highest ROI using UBIDEX. Analyze the effectiveness of campaigns with super granular reports, enjoy advanced targeting settings for ultimate precision, and advertise through multiple ad formats to maximize campaign performance.

Combine all

Take a unique opportunity to combine traffic arbitrage, media buying & performance marketing in one place. With UBIDEX, there is no need to switch over dozens of platforms. Manage all your business activities from one platform in order to optimize expenses, keep all the data safe, and boost profits.



UBIDEX is a first in the market Programmatic Ecosystem as a Service (PEaaS) covering the full range of RTB activity.It's a technology mix of Ad Exchange, Supply Side Platform, and Demand Side Platform (In-house Bidder) united in a global system. With a dedicated safe environment, fair pricing, and tech flexibility according to market requirements our clients get the opportunity to develop and strengthen their business at full blast.
Our experienced team designed UBIDEX to help our clients build their own programmatic universe in one place. UBIDEX platform is one of a kind platform in the market because it is not only powered by brand new technologies. We are constantly evolving UBIDEX Programmatic Ecosystem in collaboration with the most successful market influencers. So, we do know how to satisfy our clients' needs.



White Label


Enjoy minimal latency and instantly redirect the traffic.Try your own traffic regulation algorithms.Easily connect all the desirable partners to the platform for free.


White Label


Track and analyze the effectiveness of campaigns with granular reports.Enjoy advanced targeting settings for ultimate precision.Easily connect all the desirable partners to the platform for free.



White label

UBIDEX white-label platform allows you to integrate your brand’s look and feel, so you can immediately start your business activity under your own brand. 

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Partners onboarding

UBIDEX enables you to onboard any demand and supply partners. Choose a provider and we will ensure a successful integration without extra cost. 

Dedicated environment

We provide you with dedicated servers, committed for your business. The system environment is completely separated from others, thus safe and secure.


UBIDEX provides 100% pricing transparency by enabling our clients to know exactly how much of each dollar spent goes to media, data, and platform costs. 

Programmatic package 

Combine all your business activities in one place and grow more. With UBIDEX, there is no need to waste time and tons of dollars on using dozens of platforms.

Intuitive UI

UBIDEX exceptional user interface designed for our clients to feel comfortable and be able to get things done more quickly and effectively.  



Real-Time Bidding

Improve your performance and get better ROI with UBIDEX RTB strategies

Advanced Targeting

Rely on our precise targeting to reach and engage the most relevant audience

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Keep your marketing budgets and bids under control 24/7

Traffic Regulation Algorithms

Gain full transparency and control over traffic flows between all your partners 

Fraud and viewabilityCheck

Be sure your campaigns are safe. Ubidex integrates with leading fraud check partners

Granular Reporting

You will never miss a thing with our super granular reports

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  • How can I start with UBIDEX?

    Fill in the request form or contact us at .oi.xedibu%40tcatnoc Our representative will contact you to schedule an intro call and introduce you the platform. 
    After discussing your business needs, we will be ready to start the onboarding process.

  • How fast can I start working with UBIDEX?

    After signing a contract, it takes about 3 business days to deploy UBIDEX for you.

  • Do you have traffic on the platform (own Marketplace)?

    We don't deal with traffic itself. 
    We strongly believe that everyone should do his own business. Technology is our passion, advertising is yours. That's why Ubidex is a pure technology as a service.

  • What is the setup fee?

    There are no setup fees to any plan available at UBIDEX. You can enjoy using the platform without any additional costs.

  • How much does 3d party integration cost?

    Each of our clients gets FREE tech integrations as a bonus. 
    So, you can connect any Supply partners, Data Management Platforms, Fraud check, and Ad verification solutions without extra costs.

  • Which ad types do you support?

    UBIDEX supports Banner, Native, Video, Pop, Push, Audio, CTV, Calendar ad types.

  • Where are your servers located?

    UBIDEX currently has data centers in US East and Central Europe.
    We provide our clients with dedicated servers that are completely separated from others, thus safe and secure.




Read some feedbacks to find out why our clients love UBIDEX

“UBIDEX is awesome but the customer support is absolutely outstanding. Their customer service makes you feel like a VIP every single time. I also love the fact that they listen to any suggestions about the product. We are never bothered with testing after upgrades.”

Amir Burstein, CEO at Convertise

"The platform allows dealing with both traffic arbitrage and direct advertisers/publishers that makes Ubidex a universal tool for multichannel profit chains. The price and quality of service is optimal in my opinion. The dynamics of profit growth on this platform is a consequence of its comprehensive functionality. My only regret is that I haven't found this platform before. 10/10"

Mia Lebedeva, CTO at Trendqube

“The platform is really user-friendly, stable and value for money. Dashboards and granular reports enable us to quickly identify the relevant data leading to immediate gains. It is a great partner for those who are in programmatic advertising worldwide.”

Arnav Kumar, CEO

“UBIDEX platform provides really good transparency. I can share data with clients in real-time. It allows making much more informed decisions about the results of our campaigns.”

Yashvi Mishra, Head of Supply

“The UI is excellent and can be used and leaned easily. Comparing to other solutions, it's much better designed. In case of any issues, customer support is extremely helpful and patient.”

Gisselle Lee, Media Buyer

“UBIDEX fits great for my business. It really helps me to optimize costs. The customer support is on fire: every time you need them, they're here.”

Sahil Kashyap, CEO

“Our company enjoyed the campaign optimization opportunities within the platform. We were able to automate every single manual process. Also, I've reached my business goals.”

Ryland Scott, CMO

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