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Tailored for iGaming industry.
Unlock the power of cookieless retargeting, user retention, custom audience collection and programmatic media buying.


UBIDEX is a unique toolkit for cookieless retargeting, custom audience collection, and programmatic media buying, specifically designed to meet the needs of the iGaming industry. 
Its pioneering technology combines high performance with robust features, enabling the seamless execution of successful user retargeting and retention campaigns. It provides clients with an enhanced ability to collect cookie-less audiences, track first-party user events, efficiently execute retargeting campaigns using niche traffic suppliers, and accurately measure post-view and post-click attribution.
UBIDEX has been developed to help its clients worldwide grow their business results.


revenue and growth


Identify and engage specific audiences, whether they are existing customers or potential new ones

  • Audience retargeting

    Run retargeting ads to make it easy for your leads and active clients to get back in touch with your brands and increase your conversion rate and average revenue per client. 

  • Customer retention

    Reduce the customer churn rate and make existing players keep betting and playing by showing them personalized omnichannel ads. 

  • 10

    Get insights on customer journey

    Measure post-view and post-click attribution to gain complete transparency on your customer acquisition costs.


Overcome limitations and challenges associated with the use of third-party cookies

  • Сookie-less audiences

    Gather cookie-less audiences based on first- or second-party data and gain a deeper understanding of your customers' conversion lifecycle.

  • Digital fingerprint

    Build a digital user profile and see the marketing funnel for how users converted from their first interaction with the ad until they made deposits.

  • First-party events

    Track users' events, automatically detect high rollers, serial players, and intact users, and segment them into different cohorts that can be retargeted or excluded from campaigns.

identify solution
data diagram


Ensure your data is reliable, accessible, and secure, and can be used to drive decision-making and improve overall operations

  • In-house workflow

    Get a toolkit that includes a blend of DSP, DMP, and Ad Server technologies, along with a unique setup of programmatic and direct connections with niche traffic suppliers.

  • Open data access

    Get the ability to access the raw data of all user interactions, including impressions, clicks, page views, user events, and transactions, and generate detailed reports by applying a variety of filters.

  • Safe infrastructure 

    Host and configure the platform on your own infrastructure to control access and permissions, and ensure that your data is secure. This approach provides maximum control, security, and efficiency, allowing you to get the most out of the platform.

Discover how

Businesses use UBIDEX to efficiently manage retargeting campaignsthrough niche traffic suppliers


Read the success stories of our customers to find out why businesses choose us.

Ed Rogov

CEО at Convert Again

We discovered UBIDEX as the best choice, enabling ConvertAgain to run successful retargeting campaigns across multiple online casino brands we manage: Alpha Affiliates and Boomerang Partners, to name a few. Effortless campaigns launch, convenient management, and a variety of integrated traffic sources provided us with an extremely quick start.
Through UBIDEX's retargeting tools, we achieved a 36% increase in the number of deposits within the first months of A/B testing. The interaction between technical and business teams is amazing, so all issues were resolved fairly quickly. So, I can totally recommend UBIDEX as a must-have toolkit for retargeting!"

Serge K. 

iGaming Holding

UBIDEX has made a revolution in how we connect with our audience. We successfully unified audience aggregation and implemented a global retargeting strategy across various integrated traffic providers. UBIDEX has exceeded expectations, driving us with amazing results: Conversion Rate from Visit to Deposit saw a remarkable surge of 30%. Adopting UBIDEX resulted in outstanding average ROI for advertising spend, surpassing 1700% throughout the business year.
Toolkit's capabilities and support from the UBIDEX team made our experience excellent. The results are tangible, and the potential for growth is limitless. UBIDEX is the best choice for retargeting and retention. Highly recommend!"

Case Studies

Figures speak louder than words when describing how well UBIDEX performs

UBIDEX & iGaming Holding

Success story

UBIDEX & iGaming Holding

Discover how UBIDEX helped iGaming Holding to achieve a remarkable 30% increase in Conversion Rate from Visits to Deposits, while skyrocketing ROI by 1700%.

UBIDEX & ConvertAgain

Success story

UBIDEX & ConvertAgain

Discover how UBIDEX's retargeting toolkit helped CovertAgain media agency increase recurring deposits to 36% and achieve an ROI of 400-1000%.

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Implement successful retargeting and retention strategies with the most powerful toolkit on the market. We are here to help you level up.