• How to get started with Programmatic advertising

    How to get started with programmatic advertising

    27 July 2021

    Programmatic advertising helps to generate more online leads, sales, and conversions than any other type of digital advertising now available. This guide is created to assist you in getting your programmatic journey off to a good start.

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    5 Reasons to Use Programmatic Advertising

    18 June 2021
    Blog Post

    Programmatic advertising is incredibly efficient and unrivaled in its ability to combine comprehensive audience data with ad inventory and targeting. One of the key reasons for this is because programmatic is all about intelligent data-driven decision-making.

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    UBIDEX announces strategic partnership with Scalarr

    26 April 2021
    New Partnership

    UBIDEX in-house platform as a service for omnichannel programmatic advertising joins forces with Scalarr to help our clients detect invalid traffic.

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    How to optimize feeds and campaigns?

    16 April 2021

    Optimizing campaigns/feeds should be at the top of the priority pile for each who is in the programmatic industry. Campaigns and feeds might run themselves, but their performance can always be improved.

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    Streaming TV Advertising: CTV, OTT, SVOD, AVOD, TVOD?

    31 March 2021
    Blog Post

    Streaming on TV is a relatively easy concept that offers one of the most effective ways of advertising in 2021. In this article, we provide basic industry terms that you will hear in relation to CTV and streaming services and what they mean.

  • how to deal with discrepancy ubidex

    Programmatic Advertising GuideBook

    22 February 2021

    This ebook is created to help you achieve a deeper understanding of the programmatic advertising world and cover everything you need to know about programmatic.

  • how to deal with discrepancy ubidex

    How to deal with discrepancy?

    11 February 2021

    There are still blind spots that need to be reviewed in programmatic, especially when it comes to payouts. This is the case of discrepancy. There have been no industry players who don't face this problem.

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    UBIDEX launches collaboration with Botman

    1 February 2021
    New Partnership

    Leading SaaS Programmatic advertising platform UBIDEX and Botman - The Cybersecurity SaaS for AdTech are announcing a collaboration to turn UBIDEX into a fraud-free environment for its customers.

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