January Overview: Digital advertising news & trends


Published: 1 February, 2024

Every month, we select a few digital advertising industry insights to help industry players stay updated with trends and news. Enjoy January's industry insights and stay up-to-date!

The MadTech Podcast Special: Attention in Advertising

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In this special episode of The MadTech Podcast, Richard Ottoy, general manager EMEA, Sharethrough, and Adam Morton, chief product officer, UM London, join ExchangeWire's research lead Mat Broughton to discuss the growth and role of attention within digital advertising.

Following research conducted last year, Ottoy and Morton outline how media buyers are using attention KPIs within their media strategies, and how the use of attention will develop through 2024, considering the flight towards sustainability and the deprecation on the third-party cookie.

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The 2024 Ad-Tech Battleground: Identity and Politics

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As we collectively wade into 2024—crafting budgets, plans and strategies for the year ahead—there are two events for which we must prepare: cookie deprecation and the U.S. elections. If they don’t get their plans in place now, political campaigns and brand advertisers will be left scrambling for impressions in the middle of the $10 billion 2024 election cycle.

The industry has been sounding alarm bells for years now, warning advertisers and publishers that third-party cookies will be a thing of the past and that identity-based solutions are the way forward. After all, when advertisers can’t identify users, they tend to bid 50% less for an impression; as a result, publishers could lose up to $10 billion in ad revenue when third-party cookies are deprecated, per McKinsey.

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Top 10 Digital Advertising Conferences for 2024


Conferences open doors to exceptional networking opportunities that are hard to come by elsewhere. Dive into UBIDEX guide to uncover insights into the most exciting Digital Advertising events this year.

Discover the 10 best Digital Advertising conferences to attend in 2024. Must-visit events for affiliates, media buyers, advertisers, publishers, ad agencies.

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The cookie end is nigh — here are the top 3 strategies for advertisers to survive

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Cookies have long been the go-to tool for digital marketers to track users across the web. However, with increasing concerns about personal privacy, many individuals are now taking measures to block cookies through browser settings and other tools. To further complicate matters, major players like Google are set to phase out third-party cookies in Chrome by the end of this year, reshaping the fundamentals of online advertising.

This imminent shift demands a reevaluation of advertising strategies. The traditional online ad model, rooted in tracking technologies, is undergoing a transformation. Advertisers must adapt to a cookieless world, where building relationships based on trust and consent takes precedence over invasive tracking practices.

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Building an unbreakable data supply chain in a cookieless world

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One of the overriding challenges in the digital marketing landscape is the prevalence of poor quality and inaccurate third-party data. A Truthset study spanning 15 data brokers finds email and postal address matches that underpin ad targeting and audience measurement are right only 51% of the time. In addition to the quality shortcomings of third-party data, its use can raise privacy law compliance challenges since it's often old, of questionable provenance, may have been collected with little or no user transparency and is available to anyone with a checkbook.

Another major challenge is slow adoption and testing of post-third-party cookie solutions by advertisers, though they recognize the increasing urgency over the next six to 12 months. That said, many buyers have not really moved to make the necessary changes, thanks to decision paralysis. Essentially, assuming that advertisers learned the lessons of iOS14 and GDPR, they need to build out a strategy as soon as possible while they have the luxury of exploring the various options

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How Ad Tech Is Transforming Digital Advertising And Driving Impact

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AdTech has significantly reshaped the business landscape, offering powerful tools that transform the advertising sphere and elevate marketing strategies. Central to this transformation is the pivotal role played by AdTech companies, driving efficiency and effectiveness in advertising endeavors. With the integration of automation, including AI and machine learning, brands can now purchase ad space and optimize campaigns in real-time, revolutionizing the process of launching large-scale campaigns without the need for an extensive marketing team.

In today's society, AdTech is a transformative force, revolutionizing how businesses engage with their target audiences. Beyond being a facilitator, AdTech stands as a dynamic force reshaping the entire advertising process. This comprehensive suite of tools, platforms, and software solutions empowers marketers with unparalleled capabilities, enabling seamless campaign management and real-time optimization of ad placements.

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What the future of contextual advertising looks like in a privacy-first world

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Custom AI has become an indispensable tool for agencies seeking a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving digital marketing landscape. Beyond its initial application in audience targeting, custom AI — i.e., artificial intelligence solutions built with an organization’s specific goals in mind — is revolutionizing various aspects of digital advertising, from lookalike audiences and bidding strategies to measurement and optimization. Its most profound impact, however, lies in infusing campaign objectives into automated decision-making across marketing organizations, heralding a new era in contextual advertising strategy.

While audience targeting has been a foundational application of custom AI in digital advertising, its potential extends far beyond. Forward-thinking advertisers have leveraged custom AI to guide their contextual strategies for years. As the industry moves toward a post-cookie, privacy-first future, this application of custom AI promises the most significant breakthroughs.

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