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Get a complete SaaS platform, ready-made for all UBIDEX users. We host, set up, secure, and maintain UBIDEX on our dedicated servers for you.


● Get started with UBIDEX in 1 business day

● No upfront investment costs for hardware and maintenance

● Get new releases and platform updates immediately

● Affordable and flexible pricing with no setup fee

● Highly scalable offering to quickly meet new business requirements



Get a Self-hosted solution and deploy UBIDEX on the infrastructure of your choice. We install, host, and run UBIDEX on your own internal servers.


● Host UBIDEX on your servers wherever they are

● Break off all the QPS limitations

● Data maintained onsite for specific cybersecurity regulations

● Get extended API access to plugin your modules

● Complete control of all infrastructure aspects

Features review

◦ Cross channel & cross format ads

◦ Granular reporting

◦ Auto bidding optimization

◦ Payout models: CPM/CPC

◦ Ad Types: Banner, Native, Video, Push, Pop, Audio, Calendar

◦ Device types: desktop, web, mobile, tablet, CTV

◦ Precise targeting

◦ Frequency capping

• Retargeting

• Audience auto-segmentation rules

• Goals management

• Post-view & post-click attribution

• Second and third-party data support

• Data insights

• Look-a-like audience

• Creatives hosting & rotation

• Custom audience collection

• Ad server

• Show creatives by user preferences

• White label

• User's first-party events tracking and data collection

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