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Concerned about a high rate of user churn?

Easily engage your customers from the beginning and encourage them to interact with your products using cookieless retargeting.

Disappointed with the poor performance results?

Succeed with your programmatic activity with a step-by-step media buying framework prepared by UBIDEX experts team and get guaranteed results.

Face complexity dealing with direct deals?

Reduce the effort of tracking multiple channels at once and manage all the traffic sources from one place with a built-in ad server. 

Want to handle compliance and moderation issues?

Get your own in-house technology and run ads free from compliance requirements and moderation.

Frustrated by non-converting ads?

Connect brand-safe, highly viewable, transparent niche supply-side partners to reach the most relevant audience and achieve campaign goals. 


Seamlessly connect to any partners

Enhance your media buying process by leveraging our robust suite of integrations or easily connecting publishers of your choice for free.


Choose from UBIDEX listing of trusted partners to help you achieve the highest performance.


Bring any RTB-enabled supply partner you want for free and buy directly from the traffic source.


We are looking for partners providing high-quality traffic to build a bridge between clients and suppliers.

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Roman Bout

CEO & Founder at Convert Again

We discovered UBIDEX as the best choice, enabling ConvertAgain to run successful retargeting campaigns across multiple online casino brands we manage: Alpha Affiliates and Boomerang Partners, to name a few. Effortless campaigns launch, convenient management, and a variety of integrated traffic sources provided us with an extremely quick start.
Through UBIDEX's retargeting tools, we achieved a 34% increase in the number of deposits within the first months of A/B testing. The interaction between technical and business teams are amazing, so all issues were resolved fairly quickly. So, I can totally recommend UBIDEX as a must-have toolkit for retargeting!"

Serge K. 

iGaming Holding

UBIDEX has made a revolution in how we connect with our audience. We successfully unified audience aggregation and implemented a global retargeting strategy across various integrated traffic providers. UBIDEX has exceeded expectations, driving us with amazing results: Conversion Rate from Visit to Deposit saw a remarkable surge of 30%. Adopting UBIDEX resulted in outstanding average ROI for advertising spend, surpassing 1700% throughout the business year.
Toolkit's capabilities and support from the UBIDEX team made our experience excellent. The results are tangible, and the potential for growth is limitless. UBIDEX is the best choice for retargeting and retention. Highly recommend!"

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