Retargeting Pixel on UBIDEX: Build cookieless audiences


UBIDEX’s Retargeting Pixel enables you to collect cookieless audiences based on first-party data. Retargeting Pixels allows you to analyze your media buying efficiency by measuring post-view and post-click attribution.

What Is a Pixel?

Pixels are a piece of Javascript code that is implemented into a website and allows a demand-side platform (DSP) to gather information about the actions that are performed on the website. Essentially, the pixel helps to identify what's going on on the site so that you can segment audiences, track conversions, and have a better understanding of your customers' conversion lifecycle.
The information in that code will inform the DSP on how to categorize the users who have performed the activity that causes the pixel to be triggered.

How Does a Pixel Work?

The basic pixel mechanism works in the same way that a string of dominoes does.
It all starts with the trigger, which is the event we want to keep track of. This trigger could be a page view, a button click, or anything else we want to track. Once that action is taken, the pixel code is triggered, which then triggers the network call, which then passes the information to the DSP in the process.
To put it simply, when a user opens an email, visits a website, views your digital ad, or takes any other action, they are actually requesting the server to download the tracking pixel attached to the content. Although the user is not aware of this process, the data obtained can help brands and businesses build better content and digital ad experiences for the users.

How to set up Pixel Using UBIDEX


On Ubidex, you can create a JS pixel. Different events can be tracked by each pixel (visit, LP Click, start registration, finished registration, login, FTD, deposit, other). For further analysis, we can accept the following parameters from the advertiser into the system: deposit amount, currency, advertiser user id, and transaction id.

After you choose a pixel type, the system will generate a script for you to install on your site. GTM is often used for this purpose.

screenshot of pixel creation on UBIDEX platform

Pixel's Creation/ Editing


You can easily keep track of which events and pixels you have once all of the pixels have been created. You can install a pixel from the list on your site and generate reports by quickly copying it from the list.

screenshot of pixels list on UBIDEX platform

Pixels List


Ubidex provides reporting that is generated almost in real-time and allows you to track the activity and behavior of users on the site.

screenshot of reporting section on UBIDEX platform

Advanced Reporting


With UBIDEX you can use the user collections you've gathered as audiences for retargeting in the future.

screenshot of audience retargetion functionality on UBIDEX platform

Retarget users

For more information about Pixels, check out our Retargeting Guide. If you have any questions, reach out to oi.xedibu%40tcatnoc

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