Users that visit your company's website, browse your offerings, and then leave without purchasing anything are all too common.

These potential customers are obviously interested in what you have to offer, but for whatever reason, they haven't decided to purchase. So, how can you keep clients engaged in your product even after they've left your sales environment?

This is where retargeting can help. Your marketing team can develop an advertising campaign that attracts the attention of potential buyers who have already expressed interest in your company by using a retargeting strategy. When leads are in the consideration stage, retargeting is an excellent strategy for moving them along the conversion funnel.

We'll go over everything from the fundamentals of retargeting to the essential tactics that can help your company successfully implement a retargeting strategy in this guide.

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    Chapter 1: What is Retargeting? Types of Retargeting Ads
    ● Retargeting definition ● Pixel-Based Retargeting Ads ● List-Based Retargeting Ads

    Chapter 2: Why Retargeting Matters? Retargeting Ad Goals
    ● Why does Retargeting Matter? Benefits● Why Use Retargeting?
    Chapter 3: Pixels and Why Do You Need to Use Them
    ● What Is a Pixel? ● How Does a Pixel Work? ● How to set up Pixel● Post-click & Post-view conversions● Key Takeaways About Pixels
    Chapter 4: Effective Retargeting Strategies
    ● Website Retargeting● Engagement Retargeting● Impression Retargeting● Listen/View Retargeting● Click Retargeting
    Chapter 5: Final thoughts

And more.

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