April Overview: Digital advertising news & trends


Published: 1 May, 2024

Every month, we select a few digital advertising industry insights to help industry players stay updated with trends and news. Enjoy April's industry insights and stay up-to-date!

Google delays deprecation of third-party cookies once again

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Google announced that it will not complete third-party deprecation during the second half of Q4 2024 as originally planned.
The pushback is due to “ongoing challenges” trying to reconcile industry feedback on Google’s Privacy Sandbox, specifically from the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).
Google noted that it’s “critical” that the CMA has enough time to review feedback from industry tests, which it has asked participants to provide by the end of June.
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Marketers Find New Ways to Buy Programmatic Ads Without Relying on User Data

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Marketers and adtech firms have latched onto metadata to improve ad targeting on the web and connected television, as data quality worsens with cookie decline.
While metadata can refer to any signal in the bidstream, its recent applications often center around advanced contextual signals, like ads-to-content ratio and genre, which can direct marketers toward more premium inventory.
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The 7 Benefits of Programmatic Video Advertising


Today, video advertising has become a valuable tool for marketers looking to grab the attention of audiences and achieve their business goals. Video advertising has the power to tell captivating stories, elicit emotions, and grab the audience's attention. This makes it an exceptional tool for brands to establish lasting relationships with their desired target audience.
We will delve into the seven major advantages of video advertising in the programmatic industry. Video advertising provides numerous benefits that can assist businesses in achieving their marketing goals more efficiently. These advantages include enhanced engagement, increased brand awareness, improved conversion rates, and cost-effectiveness. For CMOs, media buyers, and marketing professionals, this article provides insights into using video advertising and maximizing its impact on your brand.
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Everything you need to know about the Online Safety Act

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In the wake of the Online Safety Act (OSA), the digital landscape in the UK is undergoing a significant transformation, with far-reaching implications for both consumers and tech companies. The OSA marks a pivotal shift toward mandatory compliance, signaling a new era in addressing online harms and safeguarding digital users. As the regulatory spotlight expands to encompass a broader spectrum of companies, businesses must reassess their communications and marketing approach in navigating this complex regulatory landscape.
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Overcoming Sustainability Challenges in the Ad Industry

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In this MadTech Podcast special, John Still is joined by Jean-Baptiste Pettit, CTO & co-founder of Greenbids, and Michael Hanbury-Williams, head of sustainability & purpose EMEA at UM Worldwide. 
They explore the sustainability challenges faced by the ad industry, and what is being done to address these, expanding on: 
The challenge of credibility  How much carbon is being wasted and how to optimise waste The disconnect between many industry members Whether regulations are necessary for more progress Why some companies are greenhushing (keeping quiet about their sustainable goals) 
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The Changing Face Of Media: As Ad Spend Rises, Budgets Switch To Commerce

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Advertising spend is likely to be up 5.6% in the U.S. this year to $360 billion, according to financial analyst Brian Wieser. Before you write this trend off based on the impending election year, the increase excludes political advertising, which on its own Wieser expects to hit $15.5 billion across all media. The moderately bullish forecast is on the back of positive economic data and sees a return to “mid, single digit growth,” which is where we were in the 2000’s.
Growth is good for the ad industry and marketers, but what caught my eye was how the media pie is being sliced. As you might expect, dollars are being diverted to digital and what we now call performance media. Wieser says that digital advertising should carve off 76% of all advertising spending in 2028 (versus 64% in 2023).
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Ad industry prepares for ‘tipping point’ this year in sustainability

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Like so many industries, the ad industry is on a mission to shrink its carbon footprint. But until now the focus has been on piecemeal evaluations — calculating the emissions from an online campaign here, a tech partnership there. These are significant steps, but they’re just the beginning.
The true game changer lies in seeing the bigger picture: the total emissions from advertising as a whole. This includes every ad, every campaign and every partner involved over the year.
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