UBIDEX Ad Server: Centralize your ad buying process


It eventually gets difficult to manage all the traffic sources because advertisers typically buy traffic from several publishers. By using the UBIDEX built-in ad server, our users can reduce the effort of tracking multiple channels at once.
The advantages of using an ad server for advertising are endless. It's the perfect ad management tool for programmatic advertising.

Why use an Ad Server?

● Own your data

As an advertiser, you need to own your ad server and track your data. If your audience data is scattered or owned by someone else, you lose insights and you give away your source of wealth to a third party.
Using UBIDEX Ad Server enables you to receive comprehensive and transparent insights into the performance of your campaign. You can be able to own and manage all of the campaign's data.

● Workflow centralization

Keeping all of your creatives on the UBIDEX ad server allows you to bulk edit ads from a single platform.
By automating, you can end up saving hours each week and concentrating on the tasks that are highly valuable to you. You may save money and get a greater return on your investment by centralizing all of your creatives on the ad server.

● Retargeting

Advertisers can gather and segment audiences with the use of an ad server to build more effective communication strategies with each client. Retargeting campaigns' main objective is to encourage users to return to the page where they left off by offering them personalized ads featuring the product they interacted with.
Then, with the help of the UBIDEX Ad Server, advertisers are able to target audiences with targeted ads and bring people back to where they left off.

UBIDEX Ad Server


UBIDEX Ad Server supports all standard creative size formats, such as text, images, video, animation, audio, native, and others.

Available ad types: banner, native, video, push, pop, calendar

screenshot of ad creative upload on UBIDEX platform


HTML5 opens up a diverse set of choices for advertisers. HTML5 Ads are like mini web pages and require multiple file types to create the ad display and ad features.
To achieve the best ad performance, you can develop ads using technologies like javascript, CSS, SVG, video formats, and codecs.

screenshot of ad creative upload on UBIDEX platform


An ad tag is a small piece of HTML or JavaScript code used by the publisher to deliver ads.
An ad tag is differentiated as an image ad tag, an iframe tag, a JavaScript ad tag, etc. The invocation code can be placed on the website by the publisher with the use of a suitable ad tag. Once it has been delivered, an ad server monitors the ad tag.

screenshot of ad tag creation on UBIDEX platform

The UBIDEX ad server was designed for advertisers to centralize the ad buying process across various publishers and assist in achieving maximum profits with minimal expenses.

The UBIDEX ad server helps you manage the entire scope of your digital marketing efforts, including targeting and retargeting, serving, optimization, verification, and reporting.

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