November Overview: Digital advertising news & trends


Published: 1 December, 2023

Every month, we select a few digital advertising industry insights to help industry players stay updated with trends and news. Enjoy November industry insights and stay up-to-date!

Commerce Media: Advertising's New Playground?


In the rapidly evolving world of advertising, a new contender has emerged with the potential to redefine the playing field: commerce media.
Welcome to the revolutionary world of commerce media, where shopping carts meet ad spots, and consumers' clicks tell a thousand stories. In a realm that is estimated to be worth $2.9tn (£~2.37tn) by 2026 - we're not just talking about a trend, we're on the crest of a colossal wave of change. 
We delve into the intricacies of commerce media, examining how it is set to transform the advertising world, and some of the potential challenges that may arise.
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Cookie Crunch: Performance Marketers’ Preparation (or Lack of) for Deprecation


When Google deprecates third-party cookies from Chrome—as it says it will—in the second half of 2024, performance marketers will lose yet another signal to track potential customers, after Apple and others have retired cookies in recent years.
While performance marketers—including big brands looking to drive sales and direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands spending more on lower-funnel efforts than brand-building—rely most on signals to target ads and allocate media spend, these advertisers are doing the least to prepare for the cookie apocalypse, according to more than half a dozen industry sources.
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Connecting the Dots: Implementing Retargeting in Your Digital Campaigns


Each move matters in digital marketing, but some are more crucial than others. Retargeting has become one of these essential tactics that can grab people's attention just as it starts to fade.
The difficulty of reaching and connecting with audiences has grown as the digital landscape gets more crowded. Retargeting is a complex strategy to keep your brand relevant and at the forefront of consumers' digital experiences, not just a way to remind consumers that you exist. This post will help you navigate the complex world of retargeting strategies and learn how to apply them to make sure your campaigns are successful every time.
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Getting up close and personal with data


As the digital landscape evolves, marketers need to ensure that data becomes a value driver, says Dan Richardson (director of data & insights, AUSEA, Yahoo) - and to achieve this, having the right partners is key.
This year has certainly been a wild ride for data in marketing. Amid increasingly complex regulations, combined with technology changes, the data palette we have to work with is becoming very tricky indeed. We are constantly breaking things down to build them back up again.
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Why Crafting An Effective Media Plan Is Like An Endurance Sport


I just completed my first full Ironman, marking off an endurance bucket-list check. This accomplishment followed a series of Ironman 70.3 races and numerous other endurance events over the years. A question I’m often asked is “what do you think about during the long hours of training and racing?”

During my recent California Ironman -- a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride, and 26.2-mile run -- I entertained my inner ad geek by reflecting on the number of interesting parallels between preparing for an endurance event and creating an effective advertising media plan. 

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79% of Top Marketing Executives Report Boost in ROI Using AI Tools


● 85% of marketing executives are confident in AI tools● 64% plan to use them more in their marketing campaigns● 71% of marketing executives express concern over the ethics of using AI tools
Building on this success, 64% plan to integrate more tools into their workflow in the future. Key application areas include automation, increasing efficiency, and enhancing results. Respondents used a wide range of tools but generative AI, in most cases ChatGPT, was the most popular technology.
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How brands are shortening the distance between data collection and purchase


Faced with ever-accelerating competition and an increasingly complex shopping journey, brands must convert consumers to purchase quickly if they want to capture their spend.
Marketers must ensure that every customer’s experience and touchpoints are individualized. They also need relevant, precise, personalized messaging. However, genuine personalization requires the right technology, data, and tactics.
This can be a challenge. Sixty-three percent of digital marketing execs need help providing personalized customer experiences. It’s an obstacle that slows progress: Taking more time to create authentic personalization means a longer path to customer conversion — and the potential loss of the crucial competitive advantage of speed.
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