How to optimize feeds and campaigns?


We continue the UBIDEX "How to" series. Optimizing campaigns/feeds should be at the top of the priority pile for each who is in the programmatic industry. Campaigns and feeds might run themselves, but their performance can always be improved.
In this blog post, we’ve put together a few points that will show you how to optimize ad campaigns and feeds to help you grow from Good to Great.

How to optimize campaigns and spend your budget wisely?


The better you understand your target audience the more ROI you'll get on traffic buying. But let's be more specific, you have an offer and want to buy some traffic, so what to do first?

● Set CPM cost that is appropriate for your offer type.
● Find out the best Geos to show your ads. Be smart and add creatives in different languages for specific geos, which can increase the number of conversions.
● Target users on their Devices, Operation systems, and Browsers. Some ads just relevant only for specific devices, but otherwise, you'll pay for all impressions.
● Specify categories of resources you are aiming for, eliminate adult content sites for mainstream ads, and vice versa.
● Use scheduling for your campaigns - run them in the mornings and evenings when users are the readiest to buy smth. ● Run A/B tests (or even C/D/...X/Y/Z) to find out the best combination of targeting that brings you conversions.
● Blacklist irrelevant sources, don't waste your money just for some non-conversion impressions.

7 simple steps which lead to higher performance. One of the key points, when you optimize campaigns, is to talk to your publishers. You mustn't pay for traffic that doesn't convert.

How to optimize feeds and resell with high profit?


There are two ways on reselling the traffic: in high volumes and just to believe you are lucky or do it wisely even in low traffic volumes. Let's look through the scenario:

● Ask your advertisers what is the main targeting they require - geos, CPM/CPC, traffic sources, bundles lists, etc.
● As you are getting money from advertisers clarify the methods of impressions or click validation they have. They could be very strict on this point in comparison to publishers.
● Be sure that all targeting and integration questions are clear for you and you set all the settings on the AdExchange to satisfy your advertiser.
● Pass all the info above to your publishers and tell them the same requirements as your advertisers told you.
● Once you see the publishers don't stick to the agreements - blacklist them, block them, and request only for the appropriate targeting and validations that you can be paid.
● Experiment with different advertiser-publisher combinations to get the most profit from such connections.

6 steps that lead to higher profits. Don't try to connect every publisher to every advertiser, it doesn't work anymore. The market becomes more specific and the winners are only those who do optimization.

This is the end of UBIDEX guide "How to optimize feeds & campaigns".
You can optimize feeds and campaigns by following the process explained above. Optimizing campaigns/feeds should be at the top of the priority pile for each who is in the programmatic industry.
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