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Programmatic advertising has gradually become dominant in the digital advertising industry. Programmatic in-housing of functions allows industry players to gain more control and transparency. Programmatic allows for more effective targeting, which increases efficiency and effectiveness.

As the prominence of programmatic rises, the desire to move media buying in-house grows. Nowadays, more and more brands and agencies have decided to bring the capability in-house. In-housing of programmatic functions allows them to have more control over their operations and more transparency.

In this eBook, we'll show you how to use UBIDEX to gain ultimate ownership and manage all programming activities in-house. For advertisers and marketers, brands and agencies, small and big.

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What's inside?

    The state of In-housing
    Difference between DSP and In-house Bidder
    Benefits of Programmatic In-housing
    Case study

And more.

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