November Overview: Digital advertising news & trends


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Why cookie deprecation is deflating performance and inflating costs for advertisers


With the full deprecation of third-party cookies on the horizon, advertisers and publishers are navigating a challenging and quickly evolving landscape. The sunset of the third-party cookie continues as usage and lifetimes fall. Their deprecation is preventing brands from effectively measuring the effectiveness of media campaigns in real-time at highly granular levels.
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Ad spending decline begins to slow, report finds


● Ad spending continued its decline for the fifth consecutive month, down 3% year-over-year for the month of October, according to Standard Media Index’s October 2022 Core Data report.● With $8.5 billion in spending for the month, October outperformed all other months so far in 2022. Digital ad spend grew 5%.● Further suggesting some general economic strength, four category groups — pharma, restaurants, apparel & accessories and travel — experienced their best October for ad spending since 2017.
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"Audio has become too big for advertisers to ignore": Q&A with Tom Coare, OMD


Despite being around 100 years old, audio advertising is proving itself more relevant than ever. In the US, investments in audio advertising are surging, with podcast ad spending predicted to surpass USD$2bn (~£1.68bn) in 2023. Meanwhile, the UK reports 74% of the population tune in to digital radio on a weekly basis, 53% via smart speakers, highlighting the significant user base traditional audio channels have maintained.
To better understand what this surge in audio means for ad tech, we spoke to Tom Coare, head of audio at OMD about the rise of streaming, the end of third-party cookies, and more.
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‘No chance’ programmatic ads will work in livestreaming soon, experts say


Audiences are increasingly turning to connected TV (CTV) to watch live sports and entertainment, but with increased demand comes huge infrastructure pressures on programmatic ad serving. Experts paint a pessimistic outlook for a scaled solution anytime soon.
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5 new DOOH metrics you need to know in 2023


The introduction of programmatic buying to Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) has firmly placed the advertising medium as an unmissable component across omnichannel marketing and a go-to when looking to increase exposure at the top of the funnel.
A growing inventory of digital screens across Australia has enabled programmatic buying to deliver creative, agile, targeted, and most importantly measurable, out-of-home advertising. Across the board, there is a greater uptake in programmatic buying and campaigns are at risk of missing out on potential reach and results if they ignore it.
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How First-Party Data Makes Moment Marketing Possible


The impact of an ad is tied to how close the marketer can get to the moment when a consumer makes a purchase decision.
The value prop behind many new first-party-data-based advertising platforms, often lumped generally into retail media, is that their data makes this type of “moment marketing” possible. Brands that collect their own first-party data can create very strong partnerships.
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Consumer privacy predictions—how marketers will be affected in 2023


With 2023 on the horizon, industry executives are trying to drive end-of-year revenue or solidify how they begin the new year. As a 15-year veteran of this industry on a global level, with mobile at the forefront, here is my take.
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