May Overview: Digital advertising news & trends


Published: 1 June, 2023

Every month, we select a few digital advertising industry insights to help industry players stay updated with trends and news. Enjoy May Industry Insights and stay up-to-date!

The MadTech Podcast Special: CTV as an Effective Marketing Environment


In this The MadTech Podcast Special, Konrad Feldman, co-founder and CEO at Quantcast, and Grace Bailey, senior agency and digital marketing manager at Auto Trader, join ExchangeWire CEO Rachel Smith to discuss CTV as an effective marketing environment.

Together, Smith, Feldman, and Bailey delve into the current nature of the wider CTV ecosystem, the effectiveness of the channel, and the technology that's currently available to help agencies and brands to make the most of it.

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Marketers Are Clueless About Post-Cookie Solutions


If it feels like we’ve been talking about the death of the cookie for years, it’s because we have. Google’s first hint that the third-party cookie would depart its popular Chrome browser was in 2019. Now 2024, the current demise date, is fast approaching.
Yet many marketers still aren’t ready. Surveying 1,000 major brands and media agency executives, tech solutions provider Ogury found that 41% have a low awareness of cookieless ad-tech solutions.
“Targeting technologies that are independent of advertising identifiers tend to be complicated to understand from an outsider’s perspective,” said Geoffroy Martin, CEO of Ogury.
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How to Maximize First-Party Data Potential in Your Digital Advertising Strategy


Data has become the cornerstone of successful marketing strategies in the dynamic world of digital advertising. Among the many forms of data available, first-party data has the greatest potential for companies looking to maximize their advertising spending.

Businesses that properly use this data can make informed decisions, provide personalized experiences, and achieve significant results. We'll look at the major strategies and steps in this article to help you make the most of first-party data in your digital advertising strategy.

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3 tips for a successful marketing mix modeling strategy


Marketing mix modeling (MMM) is having a resurgence due to increasing privacy regulations, a fast-approaching post-cookie world, and marketers struggling to make sense of this complex ecosystem, said Chris Penn, co-founder and chief data scientist at Trust Insights.

“MMM allows marketers to export day-level data from across channels and use it to find which variables are moving the needle,” helping them get a clearer idea of how their marketing efforts are improving the bottom line, Penn said.

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Capitulation? Who's Capitulating?


More than a year after the biggest media sellers began certifying their own advertising currencies -- and months after they organized a joint industry committee that media-buyers were invited to participate in to further certify others -- I finally got a chance to ask them this question in a public setting:

"Why has the demand-side capitulated on currency?"

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How brands can harness AI to deliver hyper-personalization


Artificial intelligence is making it easier than ever for brands to deliver experiences that are tailored to the preferences and needs of individual customers. Sitting out on this trend, writes Simplified AI co-founder Ajay Yadav, could result in a brand losing its competitive edge.
The days of one-size-fits-all marketing are long gone. Consumers today demand personalized experiences, and brands that can deliver on this expectation stand to win a significant competitive advantage.
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Ad Industry Will Get a Taste of a World Without Cookies Before They Completely Disappear


Google announced today that it will remove cookies, the tried and true data tracking tech, for 1% of Chrome users early next year. The users will be chosen at random before fully removing cookies completely later next year.

“This was to support developers [in] conducting real-world experiments without third party cookies,” Victor Wong, senior director of product management at Google, told Adweek. “Having 1% of chrome users, which are randomly chosen, creates closer to real-world conditions for everyone to assess.”

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IAB Europe AdEx Benchmark 2022 Study Reveals Strong Digital Advertising Growth


IAB Europe, the leading European-level industry association for the digital advertising and marketing ecosystem, announced at its flagship conference Interact 2023 in Madrid today (May 23rd, 2023), that digital advertising spend in Europe increased by 9.8% in 2022 to achieve a market value of €86bn (£74.7bn).
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Why media buyers are asking more questions about the sustainability impact of their ad campaigns


Publishers claim that advertisers are spending more money on sustainability-related content, but brands and their ad agencies are now asking more frequently about how much carbon is being created from those ads themselves — as well as their digital ad campaigns holistically.

That growing interest is putting pressure on publishers to start measuring their carbon emissions with more intentionality, if not begin decreasing the size of their carbon footprints altogether.

The issue isn’t yet a dealbreaker for these campaigns, but it’s giving agencies a baseline for who to work with down the line, according to three agencies that spoke with Digiday. So far, that’s translated into agencies asking for carbon emissions ratings in their request for proposals (RFPs) to publishers.

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