November Overview: Digital advertising news & trends


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Will customer experience personalization still be possible a cookie-less world?


With the shift from third-party cookies to first-party data, it’s time to plan ahead for marketing’s biggest pivot in the last decade. With increasing awareness and expectations around data privacy, the depreciation of third-party cookie data needs to remain front-of-mind for all digital advertisers shaping up their data strategies for the future.
Digital is driven by data. The digital ecosystem has spent 15 years building up supply chains and infrastructure on the premise of having access to rich, readily available data on consumers, their online behaviors and - fundamentally – their propensity to become a customer. We now face an altered (and potentially less-informed) landscape in the not-so-distant future.
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Unified ID 2.0 Faces Roadblocks In Europe As A Result Of GDPR


Unified ID 2.0 testing could hit a serious snag in Europe.Although beta testing of UID2 in the US and Canada is already well underway, multiple sources tell AdExchanger that The Trade Desk is having trouble lining up an independent administrator to govern and police the use of UID2 in territories where GDPR is the law of the land.
This administrator would very likely be on the hook for any violations of GDPR, a hefty liability that’s scaring off potential administrators.
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Digital marketing 3.0 - The golden age of advertising


The future of digital marketing is bright - it's creative, progressive and above all it's customer-first. As we say goodbye to cookies and evolve past last click attribution, digital marketing as we know it is taking on a whole new form.
Will this see the end of personalised, targeted marketing? Absolutely not. Will it mark a new and revived wave of creativity that works harder and smarter to build longer-lasting relationships with customers? You bet.
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Predictions 2022: Media Buying & Brand Marketing


In the first article in ExchangeWire's 2022 Predictions Series, experts from across the media and marketing industries examine how the media buying and brand marketing landscape is set to evolve in the year ahead.
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Predictions 2022: DOOH and OOH


In the second article in ExchangeWire's 2022 predictions series, industry experts predict what next year will hold for the traditional and digital out-of-home sector, which has face particularly stark challenges over the course of the coronavirus pandemic.
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How advertisers can adapt to sidestep supply chain challenges


Supply chain disruptions have dogged brands for much of 2021, and are set to continue through the holiday season and into 2022. These challenges are being exacerbated by the accelerated shift to online shopping and labor shortages that have been dubbed the Great Resignation.
While some advertisers have cut budgets as much as 50%, there are several tactics and strategies that marketers can employ to adapt to the continued challenges, according to a Merkle report emailed to Marketing Dive.
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Agencies and brands still can’t agree who polices programmatic media quality


Despite the pandemic, overall spend via programmatic has been relatively stable and programmatic video spend has seen some growth. But recent research from Integral Ad Science (IAS) finds that agencies and clients still can’t agree on the brand safety risks programmatic offers.
IAB Europe found that over half of advertisers are using programmatic primarily to access premium inventory at scale, though there are issues around transparency. Its Attitudes To Programmatic Advertising Report found that: “In 2020, the top barrier among advertisers to investing in programmatic advertising was supply chain transparency, with 60% citing this.
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The sell side needs an answer to the rise of customer data platforms


IAB Tech Lab seeks standardized way for publishers to signal the nature of their audiences to prospective buyers.
We’ve all gotten used to a digital landscape dominated by a few massive walled gardens—Google, Facebook and Amazon chief among them. In fact, we’ve become so inured to this reality that it’s hard for some to imagine a far more decentralized “village” of smaller fortresses that number in the dozens or even hundreds.
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‘The beginning of a trend’: Performance metrics begin creeping into different parts of publishers’ ad deals


The media buying world’s obsession with performance marketing keeps growing, and it is starting to creep into publisher deals that were once focused on the upper half of the funnel.
As 2021 has worn on, more advertisers are asking that ad deals typically measured using upper-funnel metrics such as brand awareness or social lift — branded content campaigns, for example, or event sponsorships — be measured using lower-funnel metrics like sales, or deliver guaranteed numbers of sales leads.
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