October Overview: Digital advertising news & trends


Published: 1 November, 2023

Every month, we select a few digital advertising industry insights to help industry players stay updated with trends and news. Enjoy October Industry Insights and stay up-to-date!

The Human Element: Redefining Data Privacy Strategies in Ad Tech


By incorporating the principles of data invitation, security, dialogue, and value proposition, advertisers can not only comply with stringent regulations but also build a rapport with consumers that goes from transaction to interaction.

The tension between data and privacy has created a complex landscape - a battleground, more like - where economic interests, ethical considerations, and legal frameworks interact in a delicate dance. We examine the potential benefits for advertisers who shift their emphasis from the technical dimensions to a more human-centric approach.

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Google Lets Publishers Opt Out of AI Training Data


While crawlers like Googlebot continue to index publisher websites in Google’s search results, the tech giant’s new tool, Google-Extended, offers publishers the option to opt out of their data being scraped for the training of AI models.

This new control, according to Google, allows publishers to manage whether their sites help improve Bard and Vertex AI generative APIs.

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Retargeting 101: The What, Why, and How to Re-engage Lost Prospects


While navigating the busy streets of the online marketplace, brands look for ways to direct prospective clients toward their products or services. Retargeting stands out as a beacon at a time when the customer journey is more and more like a complex web, making sure that no potential customer gets lost in the enormous sea of internet distractions.

Retargeting is more than an approach in advertising; it's an art form that involves reconnecting with people who have already interacted with your brand and expertly integrating consumer interest with repeating brand messaging to create an appealing and harmonic whole.

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Google is driving the digital change that GDPR couldn't


Any article about programmatic advertising always repeats two words over and over again: growth and change. The channel prides itself on its chameleon nature, spawning more metrics, acronyms and experts than any other media channel. It confuses most of us, and tech platforms are ahead of everyone else.

Yet, definitive change is now on the horizon. From the beginning of 2024, Google is poised to push us out of the third-party cookie cot and into a new era for programmatic advertising. With their looming demise in Chrome (yes, I’m one of those who thinks the 2024 timetable will be kept), we will also see many of the ad-tech metrics and acronyms that rely so heavily on this cookie data disappear. As we prepare for what comes next, we ask who will flourish and who will falter.

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CTV Media Eyes Active Attention Metrics


Ads only work if people pay attention. KERV Interactive is looking to measure that attention in connected television (CTV) media by using something its chief revenue officer called "dynamic personalized scans."

"It is more difficult to achieve active attention metrics in connected TV than online video or digital media because the action does not allow marketers to measure the click," said Jay Wolff, CRO at KERV Interactive. “CTV is our next frontier for attention.”

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Go Beyond Video: Why In-Game Advertising Grabs More Users Attention


At ATS Singapore 2023, our expert panel took a look at the massive opportunity offered by gaming, and why it looks set to take off in 2024. In-game advertising has gained significant attention in recent years as a global source of entertainment. As the gaming industry continues to grow and evolve, so too will the opportunities for brands to connect with a highly engaged and diverse audience through in-game advertising.

This panel discussion will delve into gamers online activity and how advert placement is benefiting brands. The speakers will cover areas such as the impact of in-game ads on user engagement, mobile gamers as a target audience, and the potential this channel has with unique formats that capture attention.

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How strategic partners help advertisers prioritize amid market shifts


Amid the advertising industry’s volatility and the ever-changing state of the economy, organizations are regularly shifting their business plans to accommodate or anticipate market trends.

As outside forces shift the balance of opportunities and threats for an organization, strategy pivots allow businesses to respond to these changes in the market or take action before competitors follow suit. Advertisers increasingly rely on strong and reliable strategic partnerships to withstand these variables and navigate these changes more effectively.

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