UBIDEX launches collaboration with Botman

January 18, 2021. Leading SaaS Programmatic advertising platform UBIDEX and Botman - The Cybersecurity SaaS for AdTech are announcing a collaboration to turn UBIDEX into a fraud-free environment for its customers.

Integration of Botman's advanced invalid and fraud verification technology with the UBIDEX Programmatic Ecosystem delivers increased transparency, higher engagement rates, and increased RoAS to its clients. Botman's sophisticated fraud detection technology helps identify invalid ad traffic, mitigate risk and improve the quality of ad traffic.

UBIDEX is a first in the market Programmatic Ecosystem as a Service covering the full range of RTB activity. UBIDEX provides programmatic advertising technology built especially for Ad Agencies, Ad Networks, and Media buying teams. The Programmatic Ecosystem enables users to acquire and monetize traffic, run and optimize campaigns, manage all programmatic activities using one single platform.

With the brand-new technology mix united in a global system we provide our clients with a dedicated safe environment, fair pricing, and tech flexibility according to the market requirements our clients get the opportunity to develop and strengthen their business at full blast.

“One of the UBIDEX core priorities is providing our clients with valuable tech integrations for ensuring the best user experience," said Oleg Martynenko, Founder & CEO at UBIDEX. “The partnership with the Botman team allows protecting our users against fraudulent traffic, which means that ad spend is being paid into the right channels and boosting user engagement."

Deepankar Biswas, Founder & CEO at Botman, said, ”At Botman, our mission is to create a safe environment for successfully running online ad fraud campaigns for decision-making. We offer fraud monitoring, detection, and filtration in a transparent, evidence-based, easy-to-use manner. Partnering with Ubidex will allow Botman to expand its vision globally, across higher levels of the market and user base.”


UBIDEX is a first in the market Programmatic Ecosystem as a Service covering the full range of RTB activity. It's a technology mix of Ad Exchange, Supply Side Platform, and Demand Side Platform (In-house Bidder) united in a global system. UBIDEX full-featured programmatic advertising platform enables users to acquire and monetize the traffic, run and optimize campaigns, and manage all programmatic activities using one single platform. 
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About Botman

Botman is a Cybersecurity SaaS for AdTech. It serves Ad Platforms, Ad Networks, Advertisers, and Publishers that depend on them. Organizations of all sizes use Botman to transform existing Ad data into actionable information that drives profitability and customer satisfaction. Botman is online, easy to deploy, and cost-effective. It enhances the visibility at every level of the enterprise.
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