September Overview: Digital advertising news & trends


Published: 1 October, 2023

Every month, we select a few digital advertising industry insights to help industry players stay updated with trends and news. Enjoy September Industry Insights and stay up-to-date!

The MadTech Podcast Special: Ad Tech Trends & the Data Landscape Across APAC and Beyond


In this special episode of The MadTech Podcast, Kristina Prokop, chief operating officer and co-founder of Eyeota, joins ExchangeWire's editorial lead, Mariam Ahmad, to discuss the big data question.

Together, Kristina and Mariam discuss what a cookieless future could look like for ad tech, including within APAC, first-party alternatives, targeting a lack of attention, and what Kristina is looking forward to most at ATS Singapore 2023.

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Why Major SSPs Monetize the Majority of the Web's Low-Quality Websites


Despite the industry’s efforts, low-quality supply continues to be a regular component of the programmatic supply chain, according to July’s Jounce Media report, which found that top supply-side platforms (SSPs) often sell as much inventory from premium publishers as sub-premium.

Inventory classified as sub-premium includes made-for-advertising sites, non-viewable ad placement, and inventory that could only be reached by unnecessarily long supply chains with extra hops. Premium supply, by contrast, offers a direct path to content proven to influence consumer purchase decisions, per the report.

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Prioritizing privacy: how to get buy-in from the C-suite


CMOs know the value of getting privacy right; they know there’s a huge opportunity to think differently, change some of the things they do, to work better together with legal teams, and to have buy-in from the C-suite in order to create positive outcomes for customers and commercially.
In the Responsible Marketing Hub with Google, we’ve extensively covered the what and the why of having good privacy practices. Now comes the how; how to have these conversations and take privacy beyond the marketing department to solidify endorsement and engagement in privacy from every stakeholder in line with the broader business ambitions.
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Swimming In Myths And Under Murky Waters In Programmatic CTV


Connected television (CTV) is poised to become one of the biggest performance advertising channels, but is there an effective attribution model to support it.

The lack of transparency into CTV attribution, with some models lumping CTV in with other inventory, has left performance advertisers wondering how much of the sales can truly be attributed to CTV ads alone. Similar to other advertising units, CTV ads should only take credit where it’s due. To do that, the playbook for linear TV won’t work, according to MNTN Vice President of Engineering Richard Girges.

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Digital Audio Advertising: A Vital Component of Your Next Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy


The world of audio is changing, and the possibilities for advertisers in the space are growing. In this article, Kym Treasure, founder & CEO of Audacia Audio, delves into the significance of digital audio advertising in today's dynamic marketing landscape.

For the first time streaming, on-demand audio has passed linear audio listenership. According to Edison research as of the end of Q2 2023, 50.3% of all daily audio time consumed by those in the U.S. age 13+ is now on on-demand platforms and 49.7% is on linear platforms. In 2023, there will be trillions of on-demand audio streams annually. While global markets will have varying shares, streaming audio has now become a fixture in the lives of many globally as they soundtrack their lives - be that relaxing, learning, commuting, working out, partying, or anything in between.

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‘It’s gonna be a race’: Publishers speak out on the industry’s post-cookie preparedness


The death of the third-party cookie was one of the top topics discussed during the September 2023 edition of the Digiday Publishing Summit. As it was at the March 2023 edition. And the September 2022 edition. And the March 2022 edition. And the September 2021 edition. And as it will probably be at the March 2024 edition.

“We’ve been talking about cookie deprecation for the last three years now,” said Ariscelle Novicio, svp and head of technology at New York Post.

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