March Overview: Digital advertising news & trends


Published: 1 April, 2024

Every month, we select a few digital advertising industry insights to help industry players stay updated with trends and news. Enjoy March's industry insights and stay up-to-date!

The digital ad industry’s overreliance on cookies could create a crisis

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The news: A Wired analysis of the 10,000 most popular sites on the web found that “dozens” share user data with more than 1,000 companies, while thousands of others pass data to hundreds.

Wired was able to determine the number of data-sharing partners per website by examining each site’s cookie-tracking disclosure, a pop-up that became more common at the end of 2023 due to legislation like the General Data Protection Regulation in key markets.

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Data-Driven Digital Advertising Isn’t Going Anywhere—It’s Evolving

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Cookies are crumbling, but it’s not the data apocalypse—far from it. Targeting and measurement aren’t going anywhere, though the mechanics will have to change. Data and digital advertising will always go hand-in-hand, providing better ad experiences for both brands and audiences.

Look at Google’s move to eliminate third-party cookies as the end of an era that many consumers found kind of creepy. Now is the time to find positive, ethical and more symbiotic ways to source and use data for better campaigns and consumer interaction.

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Top 5 Emerging Trends in Programmatic Advertising


In the constantly shifting environment of programmatic advertising, it is essential for marketers who want to optimize the success of their campaigns to keep one step ahead of emerging trends. Some significant developments are reshaping the future of programmatic advertising as we go deeper into the year 2024.

These trends are transforming how marketers communicate with their audiences in a world that is becoming increasingly digital. They are changing the industry and creating exciting opportunities for marketers to innovate and deliver results. These trends include privacy-first approaches and the emergence of new advertising channels, among other things.

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How mobile data drives omnichannel success

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Kevin McGurn, vice-president of sales, marketing, and distribution at T-Mobile Advertising Solutions, explores how the power of first-party mobile data continues to prove highly successful in campaigns for leading brands.
Connectivity matters more than ever. Today’s marketers must be able to identify their audiences based on a greater understanding of the buyer's journey across all channels. And that understanding increasingly needs to start with mobile data.
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Playlists, Podcasts and Programmatic: The Future of Audio Advertising

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The world of audio ads is evolving fast, turbo-charged by programmatic tech. We're breaking down the latest trends, the journey so far, and future predictions, with some exclusive insights from industry experts.

Considering the success programmatic has seen across a myriad of advertising forms, its more mainstream expansion into audio ads was inevitable. Companies like Spotify now have a programmatic suite, while SoundCloud, Pandora, and TuneIn are all joining in on the trend.

This is audio’s bumper year - more consumers worldwide will engage with audio entertainment overall in 2024, bringing the number of monthly average podcast listeners to over 1.7 billion. This unprecedented growth in the audio sector signals a growing trend for consumers, and where people go, advertisers will inevitably follow. 

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The Advertorial: A New Trend In Digital Advertising

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Advertorials have become a potent tool in digital marketing. With their unique combination of compelling content and direct response advertising, advertorials have become particularly powerful for Google Ads. They provide an engaging and persuasive user experience and improve conversion rates.
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Frequency management is capping CTV ad spend

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Ad tech faces some existential threats as the foundational tools used to mix and match audiences face extinction.

However, having conquered the desktop and mobile internet, some ad tech companies are simultaneously finding new lifeblood in the guise of connected TV advertising, a sector of the ad industry that’s tipped to grow 22.4% this year, topping $30 billion in spend, according to eMarketer.

Attendees at last week’s CTV Connect conference, hosted in New York City, debated some of the burning issues of the day, primarily how best to leapfrog the teething problems that ad tech experienced on desktop and mobile.

Here, the frustrations over frequency capping tempered the otherwise exuberant mood on stage, albeit this still doesn’t prevent the vast majority (87% of CTV ad spend) from happening through programmatic transactions.

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