UBIDEX announces strategic partnership with Scalarr


April 26, 2021. UBIDEX in-house platform as a service for omnichannel programmatic advertising is thrilled to announce that it has entered a new strategic partnership with Scalarr, an innovative Machine Learning-based anti-fraud solution that detects invalid traffic with dramatically improved accuracy.
As UBIDEX continues to grow and expand, we want to offer more business value to our clients. We are always motivated to achieve higher client satisfaction through strong partnerships and system enhancements aligned with the latest trends in the AdTech industry.
This partnership will help to create conditions of complete transparency and security for each UBIDEX client. Scalarr anti-fraud solution uncovers fraud attacks with laser accuracy and completeness and can differentiate and mark various types of fraud, including mixes and new fraud patterns.
UBIDEX, an in-house platform as a service for omnichannel programmatic advertising that enables its clients to take media buying activity completely in-house. Created for advertisers, agencies, and media buyers to leverage programmatic to run successful and scalable ad campaigns.It delivers high performance and powerful functionality that enables clients to realize higher ROI with more control without the need to build their own technology.

“We are proud to engage in such a relationship with Scalarr. We believe that such a strong partnership is a perfect fit for our customers that need to increase their profitability, drive ROI, and gain more transparency in the rapidly changing and challenging advertising industry. We are looking forward to strengthening and developing this partnership further towards achieving common goals.” said Oleg Martynenko, Founder & CEO at UBIDEX.

“Partnering with UBIDEX further strengthens our mission to bring more transparency to a mobile environment that, quite honestly, is still suffering severely at the hand of fraudsters. Ad fraud is responsible for many of the issues we see in the industry like low performance or bad quality traffic, steadily stealing money straight out of advertisers’ budgets. With this integration, we’ll give UBIDEX clients a top-class experience by accessing our most cutting-edge, proven anti-fraud solutions, like DeepView, which have been tirelessly tried and tested to ensure even the slightest sign of abnormal or invalid traffic is caught and stopped,” said Inna Ushakova, CEO and co-founder at Scalarr.


UBIDEX is a first in the market Programmatic Ecosystem as a Service covering the full range of RTB activity. It's a technology mix of Ad Exchange, Supply Side Platform, and Demand Side Platform (In-house Bidder) united in a global system. UBIDEX full-featured programmatic advertising platform enables users to acquire and monetize the traffic, run and optimize campaigns, and manage all programmatic activities using one single platform.
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About Scalarr

Scalarr is a Machine Learning-based anti-fraud solution that analyses click, install and post-install data to detect all types of mobile ad fraud and prevent marketing losses. Powered by advanced Machine Learning and Big Data, Scalarr automates the deep analysis of more data than is humanly possible, continuously learning and generating a personal model of fraud identification for every mobile app. Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware with offices in San Francisco, Singapore and Kyiv, Scalarr works with leading app developers and brands across the globe.